Brand-new product
GenPad Cluster

Direct-access based molecular diagnostic
system for high throughput and
excellent sensitivity


GenPad Cluster scaling

A few minutes to assemble a cluster of 96 devices.
Just detach the devices to get a smaller system.

Interface designed to be user-friendly

Whole GenPad cluster is managed from one computer

Laboratory tailored to your practice

GenPads can be quickly clustered providing simplicity in management while assuring independence of each test.

LoD 1,000 copies/mL

Superior sensitivity

High specificity

Fully-automatic solution

High range cross-contamination protection level

Scaling of 1 to 96 devices
for one lab assistant

Post-pandemic relevance.
Could be divided into smaller labs

Easy to use

High range lab viral contamination protection level

Minimal transportation of samples

Connection to a LIS
(Lab Information System)

User error risk is minimized

Amplification results in 40 minutes

Room-temperature storage

COVID-19 and FLU A/B testing
at the same time

Respiratory infections and STD

Snap-action service

If the device is out of order,
we will replace it at a moment’s notice

Why is GenPad unique?


Silver bullet in molecular diagnostics -
PCR sensitivity of 1,000 copies/mL

Two genes for detection and internal control

Extremely reliable test even when the virus mutated. Internal control use to be confident in test results.

Various pathogens to be detected

Cartridge COVID-19, Cartridge COVID-19 / Flu A / Flu B, Cartridge Flu A / Flu B, Cartridge Strep A, Cartridge CT / NG

Budget –

Affordable price for the device and test cartridge. Reasonable price of the clustering solution.

Who we are?