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Your personal PCR test
Palm-sized PCR lab for on-the-spot testing.
The GenPad System is comprised of three parts: the Test Kit, the Device, and the Software
Ensuring the PCR gold standard of sensitivity
  • >98%
  • 100%
  • 1000copies/ml
    Limit of Detection

Depending on the test type. Please contact us for more information

GenPad Test Kit
Streamlined and Reliable Diagnostic Solutions
The GenPad Test Kits feature single-use cartridges capable of assessing up to three diagnostic targets each. Every cartridge includes an internal positive control, ensuring reliable results with every test conducted.
Designed for ease of use, all testing procedures are fully automated, requiring no prior lab experience. This user-friendly approach allows for accurate, efficient diagnostics accessible to all users, streamlining the process without compromising on quality.
GenPad Device
Compact, portable, and versatile
At the core of the GenPad System lies the GenPad Device, designed to empower users by testing a variety of diagnostic targets with interchangeable cartridges. This device boasts rapid integration into any GenPad cluster, making it a valuable tool for dynamic testing environments.
Featuring a sleek and compact design, the GenPad Device is highly portable and requires minimal space, making it ideal for any setting. Mirai Genomics is dedicated to expanding the range of available cartridges and continually strives to make this advanced technology more affordable.
GenPad Software
Real-Time Performance on Multiple Devices
GenPad testing can be conducted using a desktop PC, mobile phone, or tablet, offering versatile real-time performance assessments. Connect seamlessly with either a wired cable or via Bluetooth to ensure flexibility and convenience in all testing scenarios.
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